The Molotovs
The Molotovs are six eloquent melodic tykes from London Town who have been compared to many things from Arcade Fire to The Maccabees. Theyé─˘ve followed a flirty 2009 by rocketing into the New Year with a packed European debut at Amsterdam Paradiso and a slot on fierce pandaé─˘s esteemed New Pop-tastic é─˛Zip It Upé─˘ compilation EP. In fact, all three bands on tonighté─˘s bill appeared on said EP, making this a nicely belated re-launch party for the release which is still very much available on download from fierce panda.
Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen
Wednesday 7th April 2010
Wednesday 24th February 2010
The Monarch
Tuesday 3rd November 2009
The Borderline
Wednesday 14th October 2009
Saturday 12th September 2009
Thursday 2nd July 2009
The Dublin Castle
Tuesday 7th April 2009
The Old Blue Last
Monday 5th January 2009
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Tuesday 6th April 2010
Range Life @ Hoxton Bar & Kitchen
Wednesday 17th March 2010
Club Fandango And Camden Bars Presenté─Â The Best Of In The City
Wednesday 28th October 2009
April Club Panda
Wednesday 18th March 2009
Watch: The Molotovs
Thursday 11th December 2008