The Death Of Her Money
The Death Of Her Money formed in mid 2004 with a new direction and new sound to their previous attempts. They played their first gig under the new name at Escape in Swansea with Envy (Japan) and local legends Taint. They recorded four new songs on a digital 8-track with Kirk Williams from Newport electronic/experimental band Snork Maiden which would be the 'Shit Shaped/American Cemetary' 2-track demo. The band played alot of local gigs supporting great local and international bands in 2005, getting better as a live band and continuously writing new songs and demoing everything that would bark out of their amps. At the start of 2006 they went to record with Jim Williams from local punk rock band The Take in his DIY studio underneath Cardiff central train station on a reel to reel 8 track. They recorded three songs two of which were released on the 'Scandinavian Accent' 7" vinyl on local DIY label Rat Patrol records. The band then recorded three songs for the Adam Walton Radio 1 session with ex Dub War/Skindred members Jeff and Ginge in Nott-in-pil studio Newport which was aired in late summer of 2006. The band then hit the road for their first uk tour with Sheffield prog doomsters Flatlands and unofficial 3rd band on the tour in Art of Burning Water. When they returned from the tour they went straight back to Nott-in-pil studio to record their first full length titled 'Spirit of the Stairwell' which was due for release late 2006 on Bristol label Superfi Records. 2007 was dedicated to more writing of new song's and awaiting the release of 'Spirit'. They toured the uk once again in spring playing with some great uk bands and doing two dates with An Albatross. They finished the year by releasing the 'Flood of Love E.P' with tracks taken from the album sessions through their own Suntreader Recordings label while the release of the album continued to be put on hold. Febuary 2008 will finally see the release of 'Spirit of the Stairwell' with a February tour of Ireland, Scotland and England to accompany the release. The album will be out via a collective release on Rat Patrol records, Superfi records and Suntreader recordings. With sights of another tour later in the year it will be a year about playing music.