Spiral Beach
Spiral Beach shows are always a sight to behold, and for the legion of bright-eyed fans who turned out in full-force at the Centre Of Gravity Theatre, the band unleashed kaleidoscopic jolts of electro-rock adrenaline. Notorious for hosting all-ages shows in unconventional venues, tonight was the setting of a musical circus, literally. Visual projections, jugglers, neon balloons and tire-swinging on ropes made for an all-ages playground under the Big Top. You get the sense Spiral Beach do not take themselves too seriously, but don??t let their youthful presence fool you. Their live shows are like mini-lightning bolts of crashing synth-rock fusion... The show had the communal feeling of a rave, with all-ages audience members in an underground dreamscape where dance-culture was replaced with thrashing electro-shock-rock therapy.' - SoundProof magazine