Innerpartysystem are an electrorocking band formed amongst the go-nowhere small towns surrounding Reading, PA. 'Innerpartysystem deftly toe a thin line between anthemic pop-rock and melodramatic electro-pop. Top notch example 'The Lover Dancing' bumps and wails like a Dirty Vegas-meets-the Killers mash up, while the song's drawn-out remix should carry the brand 'processed by Nitzer Ebb.' 'Don't Stop' is an urgent flood of tones and squalls set to an immensely catchy rhythm, and 'The Way We Move' may be the most infectious vocal pitch-shifting dance number not currently saturating iPod or car commercials. 'Heart of Fire' rolls through ears like a thick electronic fog, though the band's highlight this far might be the synth-laced, soaring, made-for-a-movie chorus that drives 'Night Is Alive.' -