Clean George Iv
Clean George Iv are a group of 'musicians'. The music they choose to make and sometimes perform has variously been described as 'schemie prog' and 'stoner pop' though 'progressive pop rock' is probably most accurate description. Debut single 'First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Woman' is out 27th Nov on Edinburgh indie Blackspring Records. It has been getting lots of radio plays etc. 'Title of single does not reflect our attitude towards actual women, who we are all,naturally, big fans of,' they admit. They've toured supporting Babyshambles and Clor and will be doing an increasing number of dribs and drabs around the island in the approaching months. The band are are currently working on what is currently a double album, tentatively titled 'Pets in the Blitz'. It might be about animals in wartime London but probably won't be by the time it's finished. 'Sounds like an art rock band doing the Highland Fling. It's brilliant' (The Stool Pigeon