Ivy York
Ivy York - After years of writing, performing and the release of the self penned & produced album (Ivy York,2007) Ivy & Rav begin to embark on a new record, this time armed with the tools of their past, a love for old Hollywood, Country and for Rav, rediscovery of old Bollywood… Mixing Ivy's Australian upbringing of vintage country music with Rav's modern brit pop & retro bollywood sounds, the two inject their previous indie flavour with energy, vibrance and a new range of instruments including pedal steel guitar by legendary player, BJ Cole (REM, The Verve, Bjork). With a six-piece band and an upcoming album being recorded in Nashville, Mumbai & London, Ivy & Rav evolve beyond expectations to produce the most captivating sound of the year. “Every so often something comes along that has you wobbling precariously on your listening perch leaving you pretty much stunned, numbed and entranced by its enchantment.” Losingtoday.com