Ejectorseat burst into the scene in 2006 with their incendiary debut ???Attack! Attack! Attack!??, a riotous call to arms that reached number 9 in the iTunes alternative chart and placed them firmly on the radar of tastemakers and air guitar brandishers alike.Ejectorseat refute the belief that style and substance are incompatible, and we dare you to experience one of their glorious live sonic assaults and not become a believer as the songs verve between the blisteringly self-assured and the vulnerable without breaking stride. The band was originally formed by guitarist Barrington and vocalist Peter Backler, who, in Barrington's words ???picked up the rest of the riff raff on the way???. New recruits Phil Tonge (bass), Luke ???The Bear?? (synth) and James Dowse (drums) are a mix of what Pete describes as 'a collection of schoolmates, workmates and soul mates.'