The Moulettes
The Moulettes emerged in the summer of 2002 fresh of face and eager to jig. They played a merry set on a small stage at Glastonbury, an auspicious start you may say, but hence forth were deprived of the sweet sweaty scent of success in the fields of their motherland... soon to be remedied... to resume, ol' chesty set up the Den of Iniquity night that was to be a resounding romp through which they met and admired many talented bands, The Mystery Jets, The Noisettes, The Barker Band, Milk Kan... alas, geographical absurdity has prevented them from meeting as oft as they would wish, but they have managed through the very reasonably priced if tedious Megabus, to roam the country, sporadically gigging. Recording is of essence now as they have fresh songs as yet un-aired in a new folk country stomp direction.