Holy Fuck
Holy Fuck are creating a legacy based on near stupidity. It??????s a simple concept, to mimic modern electronic music without using modern fail-safes like laptops and programmed backing tracks?????묨? and of course to make people freak out and smash stuff. So for last year??????s NXNE festival they armed themselves with a drum set, a bass guitar, a myriad of toy keyboards, guitar peddles, mixers, and even a 35 mm film synchronizer and hit the stage, without even rehearsing. Luckily they remembered to bring extra batteries. Spin magazine recently described Holy Fuck as ???????blip-hoppers??????. Other amusing descriptions are 'a shabbily dressed Kraftwerk' and even 'Toronto??????s evil super group.' While it is difficult to describe the sounds made by mashed up Casio beats, layered with pounding drums and scratched up film tape, the one comment that is on everyone??????s lips is?????묨? well, 'Holy Fuck!'