Redcarsgofaster was formed by a group of Leicester school friends and have been compared with Joy Division, The Fall, and TCTC. Their incendinary live shows are an intense mixture of white noise, exploding drums, spiralling guitars and snapped strings. 'Mark E Smith fronting what looks like the Cooper Temple Clause... mixed with a small dose of Seachange's tenacious eclectism and Agent Blue's bombastic enthusiasm' - 'Redcarsgofaster's rug cutting dance moves and militaristic death disco far outweighed even the heavy-hearted gloom rock of Editors' - The Fly
Friday 16th February 2007
Friday 17th November 2006
The Water Rats
Wednesday 30th November 2005
The Cornerhouse
Tuesday 25th October 2005
The Dublin Castle
Tuesday 26th July 2005
The Dublin Castle
Tuesday 19th April 2005