Natalie Lungley
Natalie Lungley has got the greatest voice youve yet to hear. Natalie only realised she possessed such talent when her brother, a singer-songwriter himself, heard this voice coming from inside her bedroom and encouraged her to sing in public. Things moved quickly from there and she has since built up a substantial following on Youtube with wistful and individual covers of her favourite songs, generating over 1 millions views. While her audience has been growing online Natalie has also been busy writing and quietly building a collection of her own songs. Once described as combining elements of folk with the production of Massive Attack, Natalie cites the grungy Seattle soundtrack of her teenage years as a big influence on her songwriting as well as her current love of modern folk artists. Currently performing live around the UK alongside her brother don't miss the opportunity to see her perform in a small venue while you still can.
The Bull & Gate
Thursday 25th October 2012
Buffalo Bar
Tuesday 9th October 2012
The Bull & Gate
Thursday 30th August 2012