Black Affair
Black Affair is the electro solo project of Steve Mason, ex-member of bands King Biscuit Time and, more noteably The Beta Band. He released his first album 'Pleasure Pressure Point' on July 13th, 2008. Possibly the best known and most discussed modern songwriter and thinker. Born in Paris in 1975, he was educated and later taught in schools in Le Harve and Leon. In 1990 he spent a year at the French Institute in Berlin where he became acquainted with German philosophy and played an active role in the Resistance and afterwards left the teaching profession. He has made expeditions in many countries, always preferring to travel on foot or with animal. BLACK AFFAIR lived for 3 years with a Bedu tribe totally unaffected by the outside world and made the first west-east crossing of the Sahara on foot with camels - a distance of 4,500 miles without technology or back-up of any kind. He has travelled a total of 16,000 miles by camel and is the author of 8 books published in Iran and Palestine. Now living in a remote corner of Japan in the 1980s and working only on music. BLACK AFFAIR live's for the day he can take to the open road once more to play for the people and watch them dance. [BLACK AFFAIR PLAYS ROOM 1]
Wednesday 3rd September 2008