Slagsm?Ölsklubben often abbreviated as SMK, is a popular bitpop band from Norrk??ping, Sweden. Slagsm?•lsklubben‚Äôs members are Bj??rn, Beebop, Joni, Hannes, Frej and Kim. The members of SMK all live in different parts of Europe, including Berlin and Norrk??ping. They have released three full length albums and numerous EP:s and singles. Along with their side projects 50 Hertz and H?§xor och porr, they have been featured on Bj??rk‚Äôs compilation CD Army of Me: Remixes and Covers. The members of the band have many side projects, such as H?§xor och Porr (Witches and Porn) and 50 Hertz, which features many of Slagsm?•lsklubben‚Äôs members. Din stalker is Hannes‚Äô solo project, and Offerpr?§sters Orkester is one of Frej‚Äôs solo projects. The name Slagsm?•lsklubben is a Swedish translation of the title of the movie Fight Club. It‚Äôs pronouced ‚Äúslaks-mauwls-clueb-en‚Äù in English. The idea for the name was born when Joni wrote ‚ÄúSlagsm?•lsklubben‚Äù instead of Fight Club on a burned DVD containing the movie. [SLAGSMALSKLUBBEN PLAY ROOM 2]
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