Chris T-t & The Hoodrats
Chris T-t & The Hoodrats Chris T-T has been nonchalantly putting the world to rights and breaking hearts since 1998. The songwriter from Winchester is equally at home riling the establishment with records like 9 Red Songs, exploring our capital city with his London album trilogy, or lulling the little ones into a state of awe with his musical take on AA Milne's poetry. Joining the Xtra Mile roster in 2007, having been recommended by good friend and fellow Winchester boy Frank Turner, with the excellent conclusion to his London-themed trio of albums, Capital. Continually touring with a guitar, at music halls with a piano, or with his Brighton-based band The Hoodrats, his humour, left-leaning polemics, and sensitivity can be heard in his words and his unaffected voice. A Twitter champion and a modest but exceptional songwriting talent, he is truly a significant voice of modern Britain.

"British pop's street-poet laureate and unsung genius" (Sunday Times).

The Bull & Gate
Tuesday 16th October 2012
The Borderline
Thursday 31st January 2008
Tuesday 11th December 2007